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MiX is a medical research platform aimed at accelerating and de-risking the search for new pharmaceuticals or testing a client´s product efficacy and toxicity. MiX uses state-of-the-art ex-vivo perfusion techniques and models, developed by leading academic researchers. These techniques -- which were initially developed to investigate organ quality, for the purpose of organ transplantation -- have been adapted by MiX, to allow clients to directly test their compounds on specific intact organ or tissue.

our services

MiX provides its clients with cutting edge advice on what is the state-of-the art in terms of tests and techniques, and secondly, and by using its network of preferred partners, MiX can provide its clients with access to the best laboratories for testing. As such, MiX connects clients with research, provides clients with access to the best laboratories, through our network of academic partners, and cuts the red tape of working with universities. Our service contains two different components:

1. Consulting

a. Pre-Testing: Advice on testing

b. Post-Testing: Interpretation of results

2. Testing

a. Slice Model

b. Perfusion Model

Our partners are using two different models:

Slice model

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Perfusion model

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Preferred partners

As a research platform, MiX has a growing scientific network worldwide with leading academic partners in the medical field. Please find some our partners and possibilities below:
1) Research in-vitro tissue laboratory of Prof. Dr. Peter Olinga at the University of Groningen, Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy
2) Surgical Laboratory of Prof. Dr. Henri Leuvenink at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Groningen Institute for Organ Transplantation

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  • Address: Zeppelinstraat 7, The Netherlands, Hoogeveen
  • Phone:+31(0)528-280888
  • Email: info@mixccelerator.com

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